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Week 37 september 2013:

  • updated the games section, team presentation and added team properties (like weapons, clothing).
  • updated gallery section to make "open in new tab" work.


Week 12 mars 2013:

  • added a search function, seems to be working too good at the moment.


Week 4-11 2013:

  • various bugfixes!


Week 3 januari 2013:

  • Corrected a bug with the password recovery system.


Week 49 december 2012:

  • added available teams to the upcoming game spot (only crew so far).
  • added function on contact page to tie non logged in tickets to appear on correct users accounts.
  • added trim rules to the text editor on pasted content.


Week 48 november 2012:

  • fixed bugs when posting new topic in the forum making the simple url contain unallowed characters.
  • fixed some bugs in the signup page, most critical being one that made total price incorrect in confirmation emails.
  • connected farmen feed to the twitter and instagram api to show recent posts that include farmen related keywords.


Week 47 november 2012:

  • updated signup to match our 2013 games.
  • updated ticket section.
  • updated admin sections to match the above updates.


Week 44 october 2012:

  • host seems to have turned on sql cache, several sql querys have been updated to skip cache which should resolve problems seen within the forum.
  • updated random gallery pictures to show last 10 pictures.


Week 42 october 2012:

  • added comment statistics to user profile.
  • updated forum and gallery to show amount of posts from both forum and comments.
  • updated upload feeds.
  • updated star feeds.


16 october 2012:

  • made gallery section public.


10 october 2012:

  • added user pictures to news comments.


25 september 2012:

  • made top new, gallery and upcoming games boxes public.


19 september 2012:

  • added top news, top gallery picture and upcoming games boxes to main page (still beta, crew only).
  • added message icons to inbox, both read and unread.
  • added gray background to unread messages.
  • changed message tooltip to fire 1 second after pageload in case of new message (prevented possible misspositioning).
  • changed games section to show upcoming games once available but made it unclickable untill information release.


18 september 2012:

  • redesigned the top menu.
  • added new background
  • added icons to navigate user pages.


16 september 2012:

  • moved tickets to the account section.


31 may 2012:

  • optimized forums for faster output, seems to be working so far.
  • researched and started work on a gallery page.


6 may 2012:

  • added mark all read button to the main forum page.
  • added email notifications for pm's.


2 may 2012:

  • remade the contact page to include previous support tickets (if logged in when creating them). 


24 april 2012:

  • added direct PM button to the profile page.
  • changed profile page to include feed history tab.


7 Mars 2012:

  • added delete function to PMs.
  • added beta notifier funtion to PMs.
  • added read status to messages (does not show yet).
  • added settings section to account page.


5 Mars 2012:

  • finished work on message system, however, it's still in an early beta phase and errors/glitches may occur.


22 February 2012:

  • added signup options to the ticket page.
  • changed the way you switch team on the ticket page.


9 December 2011:

  • added character filter to latest posts in forums if topic is above 40 characters.
  • added mark all as read button to forums (only works on topics for now).
  • added unlock button to forum messages (for moderators).
  • added remove post button to forum messages (for moderators).
  • changed delete forum message button to also locking the post (for moderators).


29 November 2011:

  • fixed bugg in contact section not updating the case dates.


25 November 2011:

  • added quote function to the forums.
  • changed the edit forum post text to a icon.
  • fixed padding problem making the read/not read icon not appearing in the center of its column.


24 November 2011:

  • added postcount next to postdate on each post.
  • started working on report, like, dislike buttons for the forum
  • started working on private messages


23 November 2011:

  • added userlist to the page footer.
  • fixed bugg in forums where threads would get sorted wrong.
  • fixed the country list on the account > settings page.


22 November 2011:

  • added the rebuilt menu structure to the games section (forgot to upload).
  • changed password retrieval to also unlock accounts that have been blocked.
  • changed password retrieval emails to get higher priority in the send email buffer.
  • changed support ticket emails to get higher priority in the send buffer.
  • fixed last forum posts from showing "No forum posts made yet" when there infact are posts made.
  • fixed last registred users from showing "0 posts".
  • fixed forums where posting the 21'st message would create a feed that links to page 1.


21 November 2011:

  • added playerlist and playerlocations map to games section (example).
  • added booked tickets link to the splash flash movie.
  • added changelog section. (all fixes to this date may not be recorded)
  • changed settings to account, made tabs and moved profile to account.
  • fixed "get your ticket here" link in the splash flash movie.


20 November 2011:

  • changed the menustructure on the games section to sort all added menus


15 November 2011:

  • added facebook and rss icons
  • changed forum to update a topics "last updated date" if last poster edits the last post.


8 November 2011:

  • added rss to the news section
  • added pages to the news section


6 November 2011:

  • initial release


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